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One rule, one interpretation

IAABO 150 is proud to serve at the intersection between coaches, administrators, players, and officiating crews — ensuring games are run properly with well-trained and qualified officials enforcing the appropriate rules and promoting the spirit of the game.

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IAABO Board 150 has been providing Aroostook County schools with a consistently high level of officiating since 1954. Our officials are trained, certified, and assessed on their abilities to provide safe, fair, and enjoyable competitive experiences for players, coaches, and fans.

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Our official uniform/equipment supplier is "Blow Your Whistles." Click their logo below to be taken to their website: 


Board Interpreter / Head of Officials

Harry Orser

(207) 227-4811

Varsity/Sub-varsity Assignor

Pedro Rodriguez

Visit our Maine Basketball Council website.

Visit our national IAABO website.

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